Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Pony Car Project-More Stuff!

I have not been accomplishing much on either of my project cars. But the last couple of weeks, I went crazy and placed a couple of order with Late Model Restoration. They were advertising a Labor Day Sale and later another coupon sale.

So, what did I buy? Here is a list:

Sub frame connectors

Rear control arms and urethane bushings

Urethane axle bushings and installation tool

Urethane spring isolators

Heater supply and return engine tubes and preformed tubes

Windshield wiper arm

Battery ground harness

Gas tank level sensor

The first order arrived a week ago and the second today. I installed the wiper arm and battery ground tonight. I do need to clean up the ground cable routing. The other items are a bit more involved. Probably do the tank level sender first, the heater tubes and hoses and later the rear control arms. The subframe connectors need to be welded to the frame. Lots of fun here!

Nice display of parts, but they should be out of sight installed on the Mustang.

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